Durham's Leading Estate Agent For Innovation

Durham's Leading Estate Agent For Innovation

Elvet Estates are one of the leading estate agents in the Durham area, leading the way in using modern tools and new technologies to help sell properties. Estate agents are becoming increasingly tech-savvy as an expectation to drive viewers to house listings online grows. 

The team at Elvet Estates have always been ahead of the times and have always used the new tools and modern technologies within the industry. With people now online more than ever, it was obvious that Elvet Estates needed to be utilising these technologies. During the pandemic, the importance of using these tools online became even more prominent and this was one of the factors that helped keep the property market going and helped to create a mini ‘property boom’ during the lockdown. 

With more home sellers and buyers online, it is becoming more crucial for estate agents to update their marketing strategies and introduce modern tools and technology to their business. 

Elvet Estates are already doing that with the current strategies and tools they have in place; 

Virtual Valuations

Virtual valuations became increasingly popular mainly because it’s an easier way to fill in the information and can all be done online. Elvet Estates saw the importance of virtual valuations when the demand for online valuations happened and especially when in-person valuations were not possible during COVID-19. 

They developed a new tool which made Elvet Estates online valuations easier, quicker and mobile-friendly. After this, it can be discussed with an agent further over a Zoom call or other form of video call, making the process easier and faster for the estate agent too. 

Virtual Tours

The technology that is used for virtual tours is growing to be more sophisticated and more easily accessible. Elvet Estates predicted the demand for 360 virtual tours of properties as viewers can easily view houses from the comfort of their home and can view inside as many homes as they want with the click of a button. 

The technology used for the software has seen a popularity in 360 virtual tours because of the accuracy, removing human error, and it also gives agents more time to find new business and close deals. 

It became even more crucial with COVID-19 when viewers still wanted to browse properties but couldn’t physically visit the homes and see it for themselves. 

Increased Exposure on Right Move 

Last year, Right Move announced a huge rise in revenue and profits with an 11% increase in operating profits. Elvet Estates promoted their properties through the platform and were confident that they would see an increase in interest, which helped to increase the number of properties they sold. 

Rightmove is helping to grow and shape the marketplace within the UK and is hoping to innovate and make the property market even more efficient and simple. 

Even through hard times such as the pandemic, the innovative ideas Elvet Estates have used has helped them stay ahead of their competitors and offer what viewers and sellers want. With their award-winning selling process, excellent customer service and being creative within their marketing strategy when it comes to technology, it keeps them on top as one of the leading estate agents in Durham.

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Elvet Estates was founded in 2014 by the directors of the multi-award winning student housing provider, Bill Free Homes.

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